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Collaborating staff members from LONI and LSU HPC, the Simulocean team provides services on five levels.

Level Computing Short Term Storage (~week) Model Deployment Long Term Storage (~month) Visualization Support

Partners & Collaborators

Institute Group
LSU Coastal Hazards Research Collaboratory (CHARCOL) led by Dr. Qin Jim Chen at Louisiana State Univeristy
The University of New Orleans Environmental Modeling group led by Dr. Alex McCorquodale at the University of New Orleans
The Water Institute of the Gulf Natural Systems: Modeling and Monitoring group led by Dr. Ehab Meselhe at the Water Institute of the Gulf
The University of Southern Mississippi Dynamic Digital Elevation Model team led by Dr. Jerry Wiggert at the University of Southern Mississippi

charcoal lsu-cct loni ngchc

SIMULOCEAN has been supported by

NSF the National Science Foundation (Award #1010640)